Small Portrait of Hillary Clinton

If we give a look to her Twitter profile, we find a smart bio which declaims: “Wife, mom, grandma, women+kids advocate, FLOTUS, Senator, SecState, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.” Then,  going through her words, we discover a wise and forward-looking woman, a strong and determined behavior arising from the portrait of the probable new President of United States: Hillary Clinton.

“I believe what we need in America today is more love and kindness.” Hillary Clinton

If elected, she will be the first female President in the history of U.S. An important challenge as the male prevailing in politics is still very strong (only 20% of the Congress members are women). However, it won’t be a challenge just because she is a woman, rather for the democratic and liberal ideas that she is able to carry on with a coherent and pragmatic approach. A real democracy should not be based on the word “tolerance”, as actual leaders do, for being tolerant means that one is superior to someone else. The real democracy means instead giving the same rights and the same opportunities to everybody.

Born Hillary Diane Rodham, she took the surname of her husband, Bill Clinton, 42° President, whom she divorced after the sex scandals well known by all of us. As First Lady, she was definitely influential in her husband’s choices, for example ensuring that Bill hired more women and minorities than any previous president had done. She has also been a successful lawyer; collaborator of Senator Walter Mondale dealing with immigration, one of her main interests as well as women’s emancipation, domestic violence and abuses on minors; and she has been Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, when, in view of her candidature, she left the office to John Kerry. In 2010, somebody published her private messages to her friend Diane Blair, therefor journals and televisions found out that, during her husband’s presidency, Hillary Clinton had written that “there were only whimpers around her” and had tried to forgive Bill’s jinks in order not to compromise their career. Today she is the sixth most influential woman in the world (as The Guardian recently said).

Human, social and legal rights of children are among the fundamental points of her campaign. Clinton stresses the point on the importance of education amid children and the access to healthcare. She also fights for women’s rights. In 1995, at the UN World Conference on Women, she declared: “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights”. Moreover, against gender prejudices, she said in November 2003: “Gender stereotypes trap women by categorizing them in ways that don’t reflect the true complexities of their lives”. And than she went on: “It is clear to me that people who want me to fit into a certain box, traditionalist or feminist, will never be entirely satisfied with me”. Clinton is not at all afraid to say what she thinks and, if necessary, to reformulate her opinion! For instance, she supports now the same-sex couples who want to wed, even though few years ago, when she was senator, she did not.

After her defeat in 2008, Hillary Clinton is now ready to run again for the White House. “She will be an excellent president“, according to Barack Obama. During a conference she said something that sounded more or less like this: “I have an idealist heart and a pragmatic brain”. In fact her political aims are heirs of Martin Luther King’s ones. She personally met Dr. King and shared his vision of a better society, which we can consider however an utopian vision in our immoral time, despite of her pragmatic approach. In other words, the real struggle today is the one against the interests of those who want to take advantage of it.