Emilio Praga: Posthumous Revenge

When you will be in your cold stone

Skinny and motionless

If one feeling of this life is still in your skull


You will think of the nest

Of our eternal loves

When I brought to your sheets

Sweet flowers and blows.


You will think of the turquoise flame

Shining hot,

and the phial that your tiny mouth

enjoyed a lot!


You will think of your murderous rush

Immense will be the abandons;

You will think of furious cries

And songs;


sbam_mieleYou will think of delirious tears,

And religious oaths,

Oh, liar, living and dying

Just for my thoughts!


And you will feel, then, the worms

Rising from the dark,

And like a joyful starved insane

They will bite your heart.

(Original title in Italian: Vendetta postuma, first published in Penombre, 1864)

(Illustrations: Manara)