A short biography. Freelance journalist and writer. Author of “Matroneum”, recently published by edizioni Il Foglio; “Anne et Anne” (2003), endorsed by Massimo Carlotto; “Le api di ghiaccio“ (2014); “Gli appunti necessari“ (2013); “Acropolis” (2012); and “Kindo” (2011). 10.000 copies of “Brief Dialogue on Happiness with Pepe Mujica” (2014) have been distributed for free in French and Italian High Schools, translated into English and Spanish, and presented at many institutions like Florida State University and Augusta University. “A Perfect Idiot” (2017) has been translated into English by Jessica Levine. “I Disinnamorati” (2013) will appear in French, translated by Félicia Lignon.


Jessica Levine

Jessica Levine, Author of The Geometry of Love, translated my novel Un perfetto idiotaedizioni Il Foglio 2017 (The English-language rights are available). Jessica did a great job. She will also help me to find an agent or a publisher in the U.S. Visit her at jessicalevine.com or click on the picture.

The fourth chapter of “A Perfect Idiot” will appear in Trafika Europe in Spring 2018.


Giada Biasetti

Giada Biasetti, Associate Professor at Augusta University, is working on an Article based on Jessica Levine’s translation of my novel Un perfetto idiota.

Particular attention will be given to the challenges faced when translating a romance language into English and how the author and translator work together to try to overcome certain linguistic boundaries.

We will discuss this project during the Writers Weekend, next Spring, at Augusta University. I’m looking forward to being there with you!


Brief Dialogue on Happiness with Pepe Mujica

10.000 copies have been distributed for free in Italian and French high schools. The English version has been presented at Florida State University, Augusta University, and SAMLA National Convention. I am indebted to Professors Lisa Wakamiya and Barbara Hamby (Florida State University) for their precious advice.

This is a story about happiness. I realized that happiness is the only human passion which will never perish under the modern politics of hate and obsessive competition.

Download the English Version.