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My official bio, if I took myself seriously, would sound like this:

Frank Iodice is an Italian writer,  author of numerous novels. His books include Les désamoureux (Le Lys Bleu 2019), La meccanica dei sentimenti (Eretica 2018), Matroneum (Il Foglio 2018); Un perfetto idiota (Il Foglio 2017); Le api di ghiaccio (Lupo 2014). 10.000 copies of his Brief Dialogue on Happiness with Pepe Mujica have been donated to schools. Frank lives in a little French village and he is completely committed to his writing and his daughter, Matilda. His website is www.frankiodice.it

I’m just a writer, one that writes and reads all the time. I’m completely committed to my books which are published by small independent houses and, as a consequence, I live in a very humble way. I personally distribute free copies of my Brief Dialogue on Happiness amid high-school and university students. Poverty has been the key to my personal freedom. Many of my characters agree with me, as most of them are antiheroes looking for logic in their uncertainties and misfortunes.


Giada Biasetti

Let me introduce you Dr. Giada Biasetti, Associate Professor at Augusta University, who is working on an article based on the translation of my novel, A perfect idiot.

This publication has no financial ties. The book will be distributed for free to European schools by Articoli Liberi, a nonprofit organization based in the south of France. I’ve been offering free books to the young for a long time and I have come to believe that this is my true vocation…

A Perfect Idiot is my European novel. It smells like Marseille navettes and Neapolitan market stalls; it explores the role of a man without a name in a society which gives a name to everything. An autobiographical story, a celebration of love for books, in the end.



The cover art of A Perfect Idiot, realized by Gary Taxali, an award-winning illustrator. Gary was honored to take part in this project dedicated to young students.

“This book is an act of love for books.”

―Antonio Maddamma, LIBRI SENZA CARTA

“An entanglement of relationships across two countries.”

―Andrew Singer, TRAFIKA EUROPE

“Iodice is perpetually greedy for reality.”

―Caterina Ceccuti, LA NAZIONE

“A long, interior monologue with an unexpected ending.”

―Matilde de Bisogno, BRAINSTORMING

“Iodice digs in our bones drawing from senses and images that he seems to steal from our pockets.”

Eloise Lonobile, LETTERATOUR

“Frank Iodice’s writing is approachable and warm. I couldn’t put it down.”



From the back cover:

I ate without looking outside and didn’t share my ham with the cat. I didn’t have the time because, a few days later, I died.

Odette is a six years old girl. She is living in a foster home in the south of France when she meets a night custodian and decides he should be her father. To look for him, Odette escapes with the help of an old Argentinian prostitute, Signorina Rosario Rossi, who has quite an original philosophy of life, and her ex-boyfriend, don Vito Palladino, an irreverent parish priest… A story about the meaning of our place in the world, a world in which an idiot can turn out to be more brilliant than anyone else.



Brief Dialogue on Happiness with Pepe Mujica

10.000 copies of my Brief Dialogue have been donated to Italian and French high-school students. The English version was presented at Florida State University, Augusta University, and SAMLA National Convention. I am indebted to Professors Irene Zanini Cordi, Lisa Wakamiya and Barbara Hamby (Florida State University) for their precious advice which helped me a lot in my writings.

This is a story about happiness. I realized that happiness is the only human passion which will never perish under the modern politics of hate and obsessive competition.

From the introduction:

I would like to thank the ex-President José Pepe Mujica, for letting me use excerpts from his public speeches, as well as from our conversation, which occurred in a bar in Montevideo on April 2014.
This story was created for young minds. My first purpose was to show them the importance of being free in the hope to be, one day, people and politicians better than us. For adults, I turn to an ancient rule that has existed since the time when books began to exist. In other words, every page hides numerous meanings. Any reader, any critic, can interpret them as he wishes, because, in the end, in both literature and in our lives, only those who wants to understand will understand.
It was hard to keep for me to keep all the stories from arising while I went on with the faithful narration of this speech, half real and half not, as I planned to do before leaving for Uruguay. However, due to the illness I suffer, a rare form of obstinacy that constantly forces me to finish what I have started, I could not do it any another way.

f.i. May 2014

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Visit Articoli Liberi website. They help me distribute my books amid the students.